StarGuard With Web Resource-4th Edition: Best Practices for Lifeguards by Jill White

StarGuard With Web Resource-4th Edition: Best Practices for Lifeguards

Book Title: StarGuard With Web Resource-4th Edition: Best Practices for Lifeguards

Publisher: Human Kinetics

ISBN: 0736098356

Author: Jill White

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Jill White with StarGuard With Web Resource-4th Edition: Best Practices for Lifeguards

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The fourth edition of StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards assists lifeguard candidates in preventing, recognizing, and responding to water emergencies in pool, water park, and waterfront settings. Combined with hands-on, scenario-based training sessions taught by authorized StarGuard instructors, the updated text and accompanying web resource teach the essentials of lifeguarding: prevention, surveillance, response and rescue, emergency care, and workplace safety and professionalism.

Focusing on specific strategies for decision making, StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Fourth Edition, offers an integrated approach to lifeguard training:

• Strategies for reducing risk at recreational aquatic venues

• Strategies for identifying distress and drowning

• Physical and decision-making skills necessary for response and rescue, including details on performing land-based assists and water-based rescues

• Emergency care skills necessary in the event of a drowning, injury, or illness, including suspected spinal injuries

• Adapting lifeguarding skills to special situations, such as single-guard facilities, wilderness settings, special events, or working with disabled individuals

• Expectations for professional behavior and performance

• Strategies for minimizing the risk of workplace injury

The updated fourth edition contains the latest research on best practices in lifeguarding and lifesaving, including the most current CPR/AED and first aid content based on the American Heart Association 2010 Guidelines for Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Emergency Cardiovascular Care. Readers will also find new information on victim recognition, when and how to initiate a systematic method of emergency response, adapting CPR and rescue skills for an unresponsive drowning victim, and workplace safety. Integrating each of these components into an experiential methodology of training lifeguards is a hallmark of the StarGuard certification program.

The fourth edition also includes several new and improved learning features. Learning objectives appear at the beginnng of each chapter, and key skills and knowledge are highlighted in Best Practices sidebars throughout the text. Skill guides with clear descriptions and photos offer a concise reference for the proper performance of the physical skills of lifeguarding. Knowledge Into Practice sections assist readers in applying concepts in on-the-job situations. In addition, readers can learn more about key competency requirements and performance expectations in each chapter’s On the Job section. Also accompanying the text is a new web resource containing over 80 interactive multimedia learning activities to assist readers in developing their knowledge. A list of chapter-related learning activities in the web resource concludes each chapter.

From surveillance techniques to prevention and emergency care, StarGuard: Best Practices for Lifeguards, Fourth Edition, covers all aspects of lifeguarding in an easy-to-understand format. Together, the textbook, online resource, and hands-on training course prepare lifeguards with the decision-making, emergency response, first aid, and lifesaving skills necessary for preventing water emergencies and saving lives.