The Lost Little Amish Boy (Amish Romance) by Hannah Schrock

The Lost Little Amish Boy (Amish Romance)

Book Title: The Lost Little Amish Boy (Amish Romance)

Author: Hannah Schrock

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Hannah Schrock with The Lost Little Amish Boy (Amish Romance)

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Mary returned from rumspringa with more than just memories of the English world. Thank Gott her best friend, Anna had taken up the Englisch life, and had stepped up to take care of Mary during her desperate time of need. Mary missed the Amish life and her parents more than she had ever imagined possible, but she had to do this for them and for her most treasured gift.

Ruth and Samuel had not been blessed with the boppli they so yearned for, when they found a lost little boy in a basket on their doorstep one icy night, they knew that Gott was behind it.

But would Ruth and Samuel be allowed to keep the baby boy? Who had left him specifically for them? Would Gott show Mary the right path for her, and would it be to return to the Amish community or to live the life that Anna had chosen among the Englisch? The path for an Amish girl who has made bad decisions is unforgiving and hard. Walk the path with Mary and her devoted companions as they navigate unchartered waters leading to either blessings or public shunning.